Authorities Covered up Severity of Virus Resurgence in Beijing and Nearby Province: Leaked Documents

Beijing authorities have underreported the number of diagnosed patients, according to leaked documents from the city’s only designated hospital for treating COVID-19 patients.

The city claims that the second wave outbreak is under control and that one facility would suffice. But The Epoch Times previously obtained city government documents that showed health authorities were requiring that local hospitals prepare additional beds in anticipation of a surge in COVID-19 patients.

In addition, a document from a county government in nearby Hebei Province, where the outbreak has since spread, emphasized that information about the local epidemic should be kept secret.

The confidential documents come from a trusted source with access to government databases.

Publicly, Hebei authorities did not confirm any new infections, but imposed lockdown measures on roughly half a million residents.

Meanwhile, authorities announced more CCP virus patients in Beijing.

To prevent the spreading of the virus, the city government launched a series of strict rules.

The Beijing municipal health commission stated in a June 24 internal document: “All patient rooms [at hospitals] must be locked 24 hours a day…Aside from necessary diagnosis or treatment purposes, patients are not allowed to leave the patient area.” The commission added that no visitors will be allowed to see patients at hospitals at the moment.

The Beijing Emergency Medical Center, a division of the health commission, stated in an internal document dated June 22 that Beijing medical staff who went to Hubei to support its outbreak efforts will not be allowed to come back to Beijing for the time being. In addition, students at school must screen their body temperatures every morning, noon, and afternoon.

Xu Hejian, spokesman for the Beijing city government, said at a press conference on June 30 that the total infections in this second wave outbreak has reached 325 diagnosed patients and 27 asymptomatic carriers. This resurgence began in mid-June, according to authorities.

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