‘It takes away the stigma’: five of the best cartoons with transgender characters

From a non-binary shape-shifter in She-Ra to a transgender cane toad, animation features plenty of storylines to help children better understand gender

Transgender people are the subject of much conversation at the moment, predominantly by cis commentators, it has to be said, but the more open conversations on the topic are to be welcomed. It is allowing people to come out sooner and be themselves at a much earlier age than before. Having those conversations with children will never be easy, and representation on TV can play a huge part in how people relate to the world and think about themselves. Thankfully, there is a new influx of cartoons and animations that delve into the topic of being transgender in a wholesome, authentic and relatable way.


Article URL : https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2020/jun/30/it-takes-away-the-stigma-five-of-the-best-cartoons-with-transgender-characters

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