North Carolina hotel employee fired for calling cops on black woman using pool

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A North Carolina Hampton Inn employee has been fired for calling the cops on a black woman using the pool with her children — a scene captured in a now-viral video.

The woman, identified on her social media as Anita Williams-Wright, live streamed the ordeal on Facebook Friday evening. A white hotel employee and two Williamston police officers are shown asking Williams-Wright for proof that she is staying there.

“Why do I have to tell you what room I’m in? What did I do wrong?” Williams-Wright asks, before accusing the employee of discrimination.

“I have a key to get in and I can show you that it works,” she tells cops. “I have a room here. I don’t have to give my name. I didn’t break the law.”

Williams-Wright, who says she is on a business trip, claims that the unidentified employee did not question anyone else at the pool — and targeted her family, the only black people there.

“It was two white people sitting over there and she said nothing to them,” Williams-Wright says in the video. “She said to me, ‘Oh, because it’s always people like you using the pool unauthorized.’ Who is people like me?”

The officers are shown running the woman’s license plate from her car parked outside the pool area.

“Once I prove that I have a room, that was for you to walk away,” Williams-Wright tells one of the cops. “I didn’t commit a crime. You are degrading me like this in front of my kids. They are trying to enjoy themselves in the pool.”



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