Official Resolution Calls for Democratic Party To Change Name Over Racist Past

Democrats who’ve spent the past month salivating as mobs attacked symbols of American history might want to think about the rocks heading for their own glass house.

As much as hypocrites like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won’t face it, their own party’s legacy of “systemic racism” – the literal kind that includes brutal slavery and Jim Crow segregation – makes it a prime candidate for the kind of ahistorical purge they’re cheering on.

And a resolution Monday night by the Republican Party of Connecticut’s central committee is calling them on it.

The resolution came the same day that a Christopher Columbus statue in the Nutmeg State’s capital of Hartford was removed because, according to The Associated Press, critics portrayed him as a “as a symbol of white supremacy.”

But as the Connecticut GOP’s resolution made abundantly clear, as symbols of white supremacy go, Columbus had nothing on the American Democratic Party.

In a long and historically accurate recitation, the resolution noted that it was the Democratic Party that:

Was the driving force behind the Confederacy’s secession from the Union – to protect the institution of slavery;
Tried desperately to block the “Reconstruction Amendments” to the Constitution, which were written to ensure the slaves freed by the Civil War had full rights of citizenship;
Were behind the organized terror of the Ku Klux Klan in the Civil War’s aftermath and instituted the rigid segregation of the Jim Crow era.
Was opposed to the civil rights movement even into post-World War II America.

“If we are to hold Christopher Columbus accountable for over 500 years after the fact, it’s our duty and our moral obligation to hold the Democratic Party accountable,‘’ state Republican Party Chairman J.R. Romano said during a Zoom call Monday morning, according to the Hartford Courant.

Well, yes.

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