Fact check: Chick-fil-A has not resumed donations to groups that oppose LGBTQ rights

Chick-fil-A has faced backlash for its donations — and those made by executives — for years. Before 2012, the company consistently donated to anti-LGBTQ groups and CEO Dan Cathy said supporting same-sex marriage would invite God’s judgment on the country.


Following the 2012 backlash in response to the company’s donations and Cathy’s comments, Chick-Fil-A stopped making donations to some, but not all, of the controversial groups. The company continued to face criticism.


Seven years later, in November 2019, Chick-fil-A’s donations got attention again when the company announced its areas of charity focus for 2020 — education, homelessness and hunger — and expanded partnerships with Junior Achievement, Covenant House and local food banks.


The shift in focus meant the company’s charity initiative would no longer involve donations to groups that had previously fueled criticism, including the Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Article URL : https://news.yahoo.com/fact-check-chick-fil-not-211111237.html

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