WuFlu Double-Testing and Other Leftist Games

Anybody surprised to learn that Democrats continue to try to shut down the economy? And here I thought Biden was polling so well.

Democrats have major problems related to the bloated fictitious WuFlu numbers. Because while the infections supposedly continue to rise, the drop in WuFlu deaths can’t be ignored much longer.
Take a look at this chart:

Mother Jones noticed the trend, and gave this excuse:

Cases and deaths were following a roughly similar trend until mid June, when cases suddenly started to skyrocket while deaths continues to steadily decline. What’s going on?

Part of the answer, of course, is that deaths are a lagging indicator, and you don’t really expect them to increase until cases have been high for two or three weeks. It’s possible that the death rate will turn upward next week.

There will be no uptick in deaths.

Leftist governors like Cuomo of New York and Whitmer of Michigan and others have killed most of their old people. And most of them didn’t die of WuFlu, per se, but instead from underlying conditions. So unless these Leftist scoundrels plan on killing their Millennials, they have real problems.

That big divide we now see in new cases versus deaths will continue. And you won’t see Leftists even discuss the dramatic downtick in deaths. Isn’t deaths what should concern us most? Look at how the media sells the decline.

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