Hong Kong Epoch Times Condemns Arrest of Distribution Personnel During Protests

The police released them on bail at various times on Thursday. Their phones have been confiscated.

The police conducted a body search and also searched their bags. The four staff were also told to remove their clothing and change into police-issued clothes. Police did not give back their attire.

While officers returned the Epoch Times newspapers they carried with them, they kept posters and other promotional materials, saying these would be held as evidence for an investigation. Two of the staff, Chen and Jin, had photos taken with the posters placed next to them. All four are due to report back to the police station on Aug. 4.

The national security law went into effect late June 30 after ceremonial votes by China’s rubber-stamp legislature, the National People’s Congress (NPC). The law criminalizes individuals for any acts of subversion, secession, terrorism, and collusion with foreign forces, with maximum penalties of life imprisonment.

Police made mass arrests throughout Wednesday and said it arrested around 370 people from the site of protests. 10 were arrested on suspicion of violating the national security law.

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