Namaste no more: Yoga studio implodes in brutal, yet classic case of ‘progressives’ eating their own

Yoga is officially canceled. Or at least it is at Kindness Yoga, a set of yoga studios in Denver that had striven so diligently to cater to left-wing extremists but has since been eaten alive by those same zealots.

Prior to its cancellation, owner Patrick Harrington’s Kindness Yoga had offered far-left zealots a utopia of so-called “progressive” ideals, according to The Colorado Sun.

“Kindness Yoga, which began in 2001 with one Cherry Creek studio called Yoga Energi, had an outward reputation of inclusivity — with its earthy studios in Capitol Hill and Hilltop, gender-neutral bathrooms and person-of-color yoga nights where ‘white friends and allies’ were asked to ‘respectfully refrain from attending.’ Kindness held an LGBTQ yoga workshop just weeks before the pandemic forced the studios to close,” the Sun reported Monday.

The studio’s Instagram page was just as loaded with far-left propaganda:

The studio even offered a socialist membership scheme: “The company’s donation-based model meant that all were welcome, regardless of their ability to pay.”

Yet despite all the hoops that Harrington had jumped through to build and maintain his rep with left-wing extremists, it wasn’t enough for yoga teachers Jordan Smiley

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