Refusing to Wear a Mask Is Like Driving Drunk

Republicans talk a good game about “personal responsibility.” It’s time for President Trump’s supporters to actually display some.

Here’s the simplest of steps we could take: Wear a face mask.
Or take a lesson from East Asian countries, where mask-wearing is more common as a sign of courtesy, that have managed to contain the virus. Dr. Kwok-Yung Yuen, an infectious diseases specialist at the University of Hong Kong, told me that a crucial reason for Hong Kong’s success against Covid-19 (less than one death per million inhabitants, compared with 385 per million in the United States) is that 97 percent of Hong Kong residents wear masks.

“Masking is a sign of responsible civility,” Yuen told me.

Hong Kong, like some Asian countries, distributes masks free. The United States should do the same, for the cost is negligible compared with hospitalization.

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