Cancel Darwin?

Ken Ham Calls on “Cancel Culture” to Scrub Darwin (and Evolution) from Science

Here are some recent quotes from Ham and some of his creationist colleagues:

People are all upset about these Confederate statues and things like that, but what about Charles Darwin? Because he was extremely racist, and yet he’s celebrated, he’s taught in public schools across the nation, in colleges across the nation [Hodges: “In the textbooks!”] and yet he was horribly racist, so why are we not upset about Darwin and wanting to cancel him?

– Avery Foley

Even by the most generous of measures, the intellectual and philosophical heritage of Charles Darwin is one of the most hideously racist legacies one can fathom. And yet, his inherently racist dogma is not only presented in public schools across America, it is state and federal policy that every student in America demonstrate proficiency in understanding and applying his dangerous ideology.

– Peter Heck 

They won’t touch Darwin because he is like a god to them. Why? Well, his ideas give people a supposed justification to reject God and do whatever they want with sex, determine ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ for themselves, have an abortion, and so on. Ultimately, it’s a spiritual issue!

– Ken Ham

What do YOU think?

  • Was Darwin a racist? 

  • Is his theory racist? 

  • Should Darwin be torn down?

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Cancel Darwin?

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