What’s your 2020 Electoral College Prediction?

270towin.com has an interactive tool where you can predict the outcome of the next Presidential Election. I’d like to know what your predictions are and why you think it will turn out this way. Above is my 2020 Electoral map forecast. Biden 333. Trump 205.

The generic map shows PA, WI, AZ, NC and FL in play but I think they will get behind Biden in November. 538 shows Biden ahead in all five states: PA 8.1, WI 8.1, AZ 3.1, NC 3.2, FL 7.1.

TX shows Trump ahead by only 0.3% and IA is in a dead heat. Which way will they go and by how much? I left them as likely Trump.

I can’t figure out ME so I just left it like I found it.

Election Day is an eternity away and things most certainly can change but I feel confident about my prediction.

What do you think of my map? Please share yours with us!

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