Pelosi Goes on Drunken Rant, Claims ‘Republicans Rigged the Election’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was drunk yet again in the nation’s Capitol yesterday evening. This time, Republican Senators were the target of her vicious tirade accusing them of rigging the election. The four Senators were said to be afraid for their lives and security had to be called to escort Pelosi away until she sobered up

Below is a transcript of Pelosi’s foul tirade, taken by floor reporter, Joe Barron. The worst parts are left out, as they were too foul even to be censored:

“You Republicans are sick f**ks and you sicken me! You lie, you cheat, and you steal from the poor. You’re like the reverse Robin Hood by stealing from the poor to give to the rich. No one voted for your corrupt bulls**t. You have to rig the elections and cheat in order to win. It’s shameful and you’re all evil and despicable f***ers. Republicans need to be thrown out of government.”

Those are some scathing words coming out of a drunken mouth. She is accusing Republicans of what Democrats are guilty of. Democrats have gerrymandered their districts for years, giving them an unfair advantage in elections.

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