New Campaign Wants You To Know Transgender People Have Periods Too

A new campaign wants to provide ‘the whole bloody truth’ on periods and is telling unfiltered raw stories from all people who menstruate.

The campaign comes from Period-care brand Callaly, a tampon delivery service, are calling on the whole industry to innovate and have “long overdue” conversations about personal identity.

They’re launching new research that shows two-thirds of people do not feel their experience of periods is shown in the media and advertising,

“It’s time we recognised that not only cisgender women have periods,” Kate Huang, CMO of Callaly tells me.

“One of our first customers was a man – and, as a brand, we take our responsibility seriously in promoting this message.”

Callaly is now telling the story of 13 people who menstruate. They come from people with a range of disabilities, genders beyond the binary and women who feel left isolated and unrepresented by the media’s one-dimensional portrayal of women in period advertising.

“It is fixated on one type of body,” Vic Jouvert, a trans author telling his story for the campaign, tells me.

“That body is always a white thin cisgendered woman who feels like running through fields while on her period in white trousers. It is not inclusive to anyone – never mind men who menstruate.”


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