10 Safety Tips For Going Back To Church

Well, folks, unless you live in Communist countries like China or California, you can probably go back to church now. Playing hooky was fun while it lasted, but it’s time to get out of our pajamas and head back into church. But the deadly coronavirus is out there. We won’t have to worry about dying once it’s gone, but as long as it’s still here, we need to put safety over other, lesser things like liberty, life, property, and worship.

So here are ten great ways to stay safe when you go back to church:

1) Avoid sticking your entire face into the communion goblet. We recommend using separate straws for each person.

2) Replace side hugs with more sanitary air hugs. More sanitary AND holier.

3) Make sure your kids don’t eat the frosting off the donuts and then put them back. Kids are known to do this, but wait until the pandemic is over.

4) Wear pants. This one’s easy to forget after months on lockdown. Especially important if you’re the pastor.


Does wearing pants help contain COVID-19?

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