NYC banner shows de Blasio holding Lady Liberty’s severed head

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It’s Blaz the impaler.

A banner unfurled over the Staten Island Expressway Tuesday shows New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio smirking in a Che Guevara shirt — while holding up Lady Liberty’s severed, bloody head.

“It’s what he’s doing to New York, he’s severing the head of the greatest city on earth,” said the artist behind the eye-grabbing work, Scott LoBaido.

The Staten Islander was spurred to take a stab at Hizzoner over his response to the Black Lives Matter protests raging in the Big Apple.

“New York has turned into a sh–hole because of this guy,” LoBaido said of the mayor. “He hates the true New Yorkers: police officers, firefighters… people who built this city.”

The pro-Trump artist was also angered that a blue line he painted to support of the NYPD in front of the 122nd Precinct in New Dorp Monday was vandalized with “Black Lives Matter” graffiti shortly after it was completed.



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