‘There’s no comparison to any other disease’: Four COVID-19 survivors describe their experiences

R&I – FS

So many people try to pass the coronavirus off as a mild kind of flu but it’s much more severe than ordinary flu and can have serious after effects. Here are four stories from relatively young people who have had it.

Kevin Mundy [42], an actor, said he was in the best shape of his life when he caught the coronavirus […] “So nine weeks after my first symptom, I still had so many virus particles in my body that I tested positive,” he said.

Mr. Mundy’s symptoms came in waves, first affecting his lungs, then his heart, then his brain and nervous system. His fatigue was bone-deep; at times he couldn’t rise from his bed or summon the energy to focus on anything. It wasn’t until day 95 of his illness that he was well enough to start taking 45-minute walks.


This dismissal of the disease as nothing out of the ordinary seems to follow political identification; the more right wing the person the more they deny the seriousness of the epidemic. They can’t seem to get their heads around the idea that viruses are not an evil liberal plot.

How serious is this virus, enough to close down, isolate, wear a mask, social distance? Any or all of these things?



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