Eric Trump on Biden’s sit-down with Obama: ‘How daring he is to come out of his basement’

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Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization, appeared on “Watters’ World” Saturday and slammed presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for not taking tough questions from the press, describing him as “arrogant” and saying he’s making a “mockery” of the presidential election.

“How daring he is to come out of his basement and have an interview with his buddy sitting on a couch. I mean, it’s actually amazing, right?” Trump said of Biden’s socially-distanced conversation with former President Barack Obama. “This week you had Joe Biden call an Arizona city, he goes, ‘You know, it’s wonderful to be with you wonderful people from the great city of Arizona.’ I mean, this guy… it’s unbelievable.”


“He won’t take questions, he won’t answer questions. He’s certainly not sitting down with interviews with the likes of Chris Wallace,” Trump said.

The president’s son also took a swipe at the former vice president, along with Obama, for blaming everything on their predecessor, former President George W. Bush, while taking credit for the Trump administration’s strong economy prior to the coronavirus pandemic

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