Because it kills more blacks than whites as a percentage: Coronavirus is picked up by US police

Dienstag, 28. Juli 2020

Blacks and Latin Americans are far more likely to be killed by the corona virus This was the result of a study by the University of California (UCLA) . Numerous US police authorities responded immediately and included the virus in their ranks.

“When we heard about the UCLA study, we knew immediately that the coronavirus was more than suitable for the police force, ” said LAPD President Michael Lesse. “That’s why we give him an honorary badge and weapon and we’re happy about the reinforcement. Training as a police officer no longer seems necessary.”

As of tomorrow, the virus is to patrol with other police officers and ensure law and order.

In order to avoid cases of acute and life-threatening shortness of breath, blacks and Latin Americans are strongly advised to avoid the coronavirus and its new colleagues wherever possible.

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