In Remembrance of John Lewis

I pray to YOUR God, and mine, and to YOU that don’t believe in God, that as we walk through this life we grasp any opportunity to lift those we see needing help according to their justified needs.

I pray we open our souls encouraging equality to every human no matter origin. I beg for integrity, honesty. and love to be spread throughout our representatives across the globe. May we argue without cruel and bitter vitriol or hate and listen with empathy more intently than we speak. I pin hopes we search for facts beyond hearsay and recognize dignity as the quality of being worthy of respect even to those we feel are not deserving.

I take to my knees yearning for compassion and actual justice towards every being that our systems can be revised via those precepts. May we instill in our off spring that we, and they, are responsible for each other’s well being.

Let us not wait for others to step up shouldering these responsibilities and bring to the forefront those who have been abandoned. May we look up more than we look down with more positive than negative being kind and gentle viewing each individual as a brother and sister.

I close this prayer that we overcome difficulty, fight for equality and struggle for peace !!

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