Black Conservative Launches Campaign To “Expose Racist Joe Biden”

CJ Pearson, an up-and-coming teenage black conservative who has gained international attention for his outspoken support for President Donald Trump, just announced on Twitter the formation of The Free Thinker Project, which aims to produce a series of ads addressing Joe Biden’s racist past.

“The Free Thinker Project is a fact-based movement committed to bringing unheard truths to communities of people that have been long misled by the left. In the short-term, The Free-Thinker Project plans to create and release a series of ads addressing Joe Biden’s racist past and abysmal record when it comes to delivering for the black community, targeted towards black voters in key swing states.

In addition, The Free Thinker Project will also have a presence on high school and college campuses throughout the country as it seeks to cultivate and uplift the next generation of free-thinkers.

According to the Left, I’m not supposed to be conservative. I’m a black kid from the Deep South raised by progressive grandparents. I’m a free-thinking black man and they hate that. But I’d be lying if I said I cared.

Biden’s racist past, including support for segregation and crafting of the racist 1994 crime bill that tore apart Black families, also ignored a series of lynchings in his home state.

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