New York prosecutors reportedly subpoenaed Deutsche Bank as part of an extensive investigation into Trump’s business dealings


This week, prosecutors indicated that the investigation is far more expansive than previously known, pointing to “public reports of possibly extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization” as the basis for seeking nearly a decade’s worth of Trump’s personal taxes.

Prosecutors issued the subpoena last year and are seeking records that the president and his company, the Trump Organization, provided to Deutsche Bank, according to the report. Specifically, prosecutors asked for documents that could point to potential fraud. The bank complied with the subpoena and turned over Trump’s financial statements and other records to investigators, the report said.

“These reports describe transactions involving individual and corporate actors based in New York County, but whose conduct at times extended beyond New York’s borders,” Vance’s court filing said. “This possible criminal activity occurred within the applicable statutes of limitations, particularly if the transactions involved a continuing pattern of conduct.”

The Times reported Wednesday that although Deutsche Bank has been entangled in several regulatory and congressional probes because of its relationship with the president, Vance’s investigation is the first criminal investigation the bank has been drawn into connected to Trump.

Trump’s lawyers have denied any wrongdoing, and at a press briefing earlier this week Trump called the apparent investigation a “witch hunt.”

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