Trump says he’s considering White House as venue for GOP nomination acceptance speech

Trump went on to say he would “probably” deliver the speech live from the White House but said the choice was not final and that he would change it if “somebody had difficulty with it.” Trump said that delivering the speech from the White House would also be the least expensive for U.S. taxpayers.

The president’s remarks, which came during a phone interview on the program, follow a Washington Post report late Tuesday that Republican National Convention planners are considering the South Lawn as the venue for the president’s televised acceptance speech among other locations, including Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Trump was initially slated to deliver his acceptance speech in Jacksonville, Fla., but the president abruptly canceled the Florida convention festivities late last month, citing the rising coronavirus cases in the state. Trump is expected to attend the GOP convention business in Charlotte, N.C., but has been coy about details regarding where he plans to deliver his official acceptance speech.

The president’s use of the White House for overtly political events has broken with decades of practice by past presidents, who have sought to avoid campaign business on the White House grounds. The Hatch Act prohibits federal officials, including White House staffers, from engaging in partisan political activities, but the president and vice president are exempted from the law.

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