A Movie That Once Drove Religious Philosophy Is Now Confirmed That It Was A Trans Story All Along.

Back in 1999 a movie hit the big screen that had movie goers going back for more. The special effects and story plot had so many hidden meanings that everyone was trying to understand the meaning of The Matrix.

The movie was brought to us at that time by the Wachowski Bros. You would hear this repeated on talk shows such as Entertainment Tonight. Occasionally people in hallways at school or at work would joke around that we really are in a computer simulation. Still today that theory holds strong.

In 2004 an anonymous group conceived a new religion called Matrixism or The path of the One. This went on to garner 300 members by May 2005 and eventually the Geocities website for the group claimed to have 1,600 members. The question is not whether its members believed in this new faith or were their for fun. To say one cult cannot be said for another, eventually if falls on unity. We have a large variety of religions to compare this one to… Jediism, FLDS, Scientology, etc. Some bad some good, or a mix.

In a 2008 after years of rumors, Larry Wachowskis, confirmed in an interview she transitioned to Lana Wachowskis. Larry was no more and Lana was here to stay. The rumors originally started back in 2000. In 2016 Andy Wachoskis would come out after transitioning to Lilly Wachowskis.

Why this matters. Afters decades of trying to piece together the mysteries of The Matrix and understanding why some people became obsessed with the movie, Director Lily Wachowskis has confirmed what The Matrix was really about.

The Matrix is a Trans Story, Director Lilly Wachowski Finally Confirms

It’s official — The Matrix is a trans story.

Director Lilly Wachowski confirmed the groundbreaking film is about transformation — 21 years after its release.

In an interview with Netflix Film Club Lilly — who co-directed with sister Lana — validated a theory long held by some fans.

“I’m glad that it has gotten out that that was the original intention,” she said. “But the world wasn’t quite ready for it — the corporate world wasn’t ready for it.”

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Sure the 3rd installment was not everyone’s favorite of the trilogy. Trinity looked and dressed very much like Neo and there was this awkward love scene…now that I think about this…okay it is getting weird. Can a movie that provoked so much religious thought and theory of what is real or not real be the first trans movement in disguise? Can you watch the movie again with a new perspective and see the canon change to transitional state based on gender and not so much on reality and religion?

Did this movie secretly connect with so many because they to felt the same way when it came to just being who they were either through religion or through acceptance?

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