Popes Made Murder a Legal Basis of The Christian Church!


Popes Made Murder a Legal Basis of The Christian Church!

Many commentators once they see that my topic is a reference to the Papacy or Catholicism, their first reaction is to label it or me anti-Catholic, without first checking the time frame or Period of my post. This to me says that they are lacking experience in historical fact and have no concept of their religious past. From 380-1521 Catholicism reigned supreme annihilating all other Christian sects that challenged Rome’s doctrine. This means that Catholicism has 1,641 years more history to date than the 500 years of Protestantism.


From the early 19th-century to the present many learned scholars amongst which were devout Catholics have written about the criminality of the Popes of the past. From their very beginning, a large number of pontiffs have been tyrants, who approved of immurement, Torture and murder.  

J.N.D. Kelly (1909–97), a prominent academic patristic scholar and theologian, wrote: On Liberius’ death on 24th Sept. 366 violent disorders broke out over the choice of successor. A group who had remained consistently loyal to Liberius immediately elected his deacon Ursinus in the Julian Basilica and had him consecrated bishop, but a rival faction of Felix II (antipope 355-65) adherents elected Damasus, who did not hesitate to consolidate his claim by hiring a gang of thugs, stormed the Julian basilica and carried out a three-day massacre of the Ursinians. On Sunday 1st Oct. his partisans seized the Lateran basilica, and he was there consecrated. He then sought the help of the City Prefect (the first occasion of a pope enlisting the civil power against his adversaries), and he promptly expelled Ursinus and his followers from Rome. Mob violence continued until 26th Oct., when Damasus men attacked the Liberian Basilica, where the Ursinians had sought refuge; the pagan historian Ammianus Marcellinus reported that they left 137 dead on the field….[J.N.D. Kelly (1986), The Oxford Dictionary of Popes, pp. 32-33, Oxford University Press, London, and New York]

From 1231 when Gregory IX (1227-41) approved and established the first Inquisition which was seen as an effective device by the church for human repression, especially those they saw as heretics.   

Rev. John Dowling (1807-1878) Baptist Minister, scholar author who moved from England to the US in the mid-1830s. In 1945 wrote his epic work, The History of Romanism. Dowling wrote: On the death of the innocents caused by the Roman Church in their pursuit to cleanse the world of so-called heretics, the British/American scholar and cleric Dowling in his classic wrote: …From the birth of Popery in 606 CE to the present time, it is estimated by careful and credible historians, that more than fifty millions of the human family, have been slaughtered for the crime of heresy by popish persecutors, an average of more than forty thousand religious murders for every year of the existence of popery….[John Dowling, (1846) History of Romanism: From the earliest corruption of Christianity To The Present Time, pp.541, 542, Edward Walker—New York] 

Dowling in his calculations was very modest, as many scholars and historians mainly from the 19th and early 20th centuries, calculated the death toll from crimes perpetrated by the papacy as being varied from 50 million to 150 million.

David A. Plaisted (? to present) With the aid of modern computer science, the Creationist scholar Plaisted in his study on the numbers killed by the papacy wrote: One can excuse a few thousand cases as exceptional, but millions and millions of victims can only be the result of a systematic policy, thereby showing the harmful results of church-state unions.


Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-99) has drawn attention to the fact that all the languages of the world have not words of horror enough to paint the agonies of man when the church had power. Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Domitian, and Commodus were not as cruel, false, and base as many of the Christians Popes. Opposite the names of these imperial criminals write John the XII., Leo the VIII., Boniface the VII., Benedict the IX., Innocent the III., and Alexander the VI.[The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll (1911), VI, under the heading The Christian Religion, By Robert G. Ingersoll, III (last 4 paragraph), The Dresden publishing co., G. P. Farrell, New York]

Lord Acton KCVO DL (1834-1902), Devout Catholic, Scholar, historian, Moralist, Politician and Peer of the British Realm, stated that the Inquisition was the machinery for the religious assassination used by the popes and that the principle of the Inquisition was murderous.  Hence the popes were not only murderers in the style, but they made murder a legal basis of the Christian Church and the condition of salvation.

He further added:

The Inquisition is peculiarly the weapon and peculiarly the work of popes. It stands out from all those things in which they co-operate, followed or assented as the distinctive of papal Rome. It was set up, renewed and perfected by a long series of acts emanating from the supreme authority in the Church.

No other institution, no doctrine, no ceremony is so distinctly the individual creation of the papacy, except the dispensing power. It is the principal thing with which the papacy is identified and by which it must be judged. The principle of the Inquisition is the Pope’s sovereign power over life and death. Whosoever disobeys him should be tried and tortured and burnt. If that cannot be done, formalities may be dispensed with, and the culprit may be killed like an outlaw. That is to say, the principle of the Inquisition is murderous, and a man’s options of the Papacy is regulated and determined by his option of religious assassination.

It was the negation not only of religious liberty, …but equally of civil liberty because a government armed with the machinery of the Inquisition is necessarily absolute.

…The Papacy contrived murder and massacre on the largest and also on the most cruel and inhuman scale. They were not only wholesale assassins, but they also made the principle assassination a law of the Christian Church and a condition of salvation. [Lord Acton, Letters to Mary Gladstone, in William Shaw Kerr, A Handbook on the Papacy (Edinburgh: Marshall Morgan & Scott, 1950) p. 235]

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