The Most Insightful Interview of Donald Trump

The Axios interview of Donald Trump by Jonathan Swan is buzzing around the news nets. After originally dismissing it as just another interview with a man who has no compunction against looking like he doesn’t know anything, I finally gave it a watch. After two minutes, I had to stop and plan how I would watch the rest.

You see, this interview put into stark light the mindset and actions of Donald Trump, more so, in my opinion, than any other before it. Part of it was due to the crises going on currently which threaten to overwhelm any interview, part of it was hearing Trump frustrated at someone questioning his conclusions, and part of it was because of how Swan immediately followed up the usual untrue statements Trump regularly makes. By combining all three you can see a profile form which may have been suspected, but never this well confirmed in 37 minutes.

If you want to watch it for yourself before hearing my take, please see it here for most people:

Or here for if that doesn’t work in your region:

Anyway, my summary:

  • Trump does not understand the statistics of COVID-19
  • Trump does not understand testing
  • Trump will not confront Russia on supporting the killing of US troops
  • Trump does not understand mail-in ballots
  • Trump wishes child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell well. Again.
  • Trump thinks protests are terrorism and wants a secret police force
  • Trump thinks he’s done more for African Americans than any other person
  • Trump is a raging narcissist

Each and every one of those claims are backed up in this 37 minute interview by multiple quotes and statements from the man himself. It’s a profile of a deeply ignorant person who still thinks his opinion should be paramount and thinks the world owes him gratitude. And it’s a person who holds views so antithetical to morality and public opinion that it would bar any other person from public life entirely, such as supporting a child sex trafficker, ignoring a nation killing our troops or calling for the police to be unidentifiable.

And of course, we cannot talk about a Trump interview without mentioning how often he lies. I divide it into lies such as misleading statements of claims of opinion or doubt which aren’t factual, and blatant, easily disproved lies. The end tally is:

  • TOTAL LIES: 194

I’ll go into them in the comments; there are far too many to post here. Feel free to debate my interpretation with me as well.

Questions to you:

  • Do you agree with my summary? Why or why not?
  • Do any of his statements give cause for alarm?
  • What impact does an interview like this have?

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