Customer responds after lesbian bakery owner in Detroit is asked to make homophobic cake


We reached out to the man who made the order. His name is David Gordon. He said he is a Christian Catholic and was denied services on the basis of his beliefs.

He sent 7 Action News a statement: *Nota bene: I acted in a personal (non-professional) capacity in placing the Good Cakes and Bakes order in question. My employer has nothing to do with my actions—they did not have any advance knowledge of my personal action. It would be a stark breach of journalistic integrity to suggest in any way they did. Note also that in the original Pridesource article on this matter, the term “alt-right” is slanderously applied to Church Militant. Church Militant is not alt-right. It firmly eschews racism of any stripe. Church Militant is made up of orthodox Catholics, people who believe no more or no less than what the Catholic Church teaches. I am a Catholic Christian. I fall into the “religion” protected class as set forth by governing federal and state civil rights laws. I was denied the services I requested at a place of public accommodation on the basis of the content of my beliefs – this is gleefully acknowledged by the owners of the bakery in the relevant Pridesource article. Good Cakes and Bakes admits that it never had any intention of serving me and making me the custom red velvet cake that I duly requested and paid for. Imagine the umbrage if a homosexual couple arrived at their “wedding” reception to find a Christian baker had made them a “straight” cake. This is fundamentally about fairness and parity, not ideology.”

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