‘He’s A Marine’ spouse gives your weekend safety brief

The following is a weekend safety briefing from the famed ‘He’s a Marine’ spouse, who recently made a TikTok video providing proof of life of her Marine husband.

Be, Marines, this weekend! Ooh rah.

Don’t eat, crayons.

Scream: Essayons!

**Pom pom dance**

Strippers. No good, for wallets.

But it’s good to support them through college.

**Half jumping jack**

Boots are people, too.

Until you’re a Terminal Lance, boo.

**Kissy duck face (bringing it back!)

No, drinky, drive.

DD’s save lives.

**Bit of a twerk**

Call your CO!

If you want free rides!!! (443-555-2180)

**Hoola hoop**

#Semper fid… fidel… fid-fellas?

**Salute with left hand**

Be a Marine!!! Ooh rah.

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