Portland antifa protester, 48, who is ‘under investigation’ for shooting of Patriot Prayer Trump supporter after being turned over to the police by his own sister


In July, he was arrested for bringing a loaded gun to a protest but the charges against him were dropped. It is unclear why.

Neither prosecutors nor police in Portland would confirm his identity on Monday morning.

It came as witnesses described watching people celebrate the right-wing protester’s death in the street.

Gabriel Johnson, a former Marine and Portland resident, said he went out to hear people in the street saying they ‘weren’t sad’ that a ‘Nazi fascist’ had died.

‘This is such a tragic event and a polarizing event for our city…And one of the things that I just came back with, and I was appalled by, is all of the people in the street celebrating,’ he told Fox and Friends.

Article URL : https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8682225/PICTURED-Portland-ANTIFA-48-investigation-shooting.html

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