Swift Boat ad guru, top GOP donors launch new pro-Trump super PAC to counter Biden air attacks

Top Republican donors are launching a new super PAC to ramp up the advertising effort on behalf of President Trump.

The effort is being led by Chris LaCivita, the mind behind Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the effort to undermine 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry’s stories about his time in the Vietnam War.  

The new organization, Preserve America, will spend an initial $30 million on an immediate advertising blitz to counter an onslaught of ads from the Biden camp. Politico reports that PAC organizers expect the support of a wide array of GOP megadonors, including Sheldon Adelson and Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus.  

Trump is now getting massively outspent by the Biden campaign on TV ads. Advertising Analytics, a media tracking firm, reported that Trump was outspent 8-to-1 this month in Wisconsin and 3-to1 in Florida, both battleground states.

Preserve America will air its first commercials Tuesday in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. 

The ads will initially focus on the president’s renewed law-and-order platform, amid the social justice protests of recent months that have often turned violent.

Some of the ads will feature direct-to-camera testimonials from families of slain law enforcement officers and children killed by gang violence.


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