Poll: 30% of Canadians support letting Alberta join U.S. “for the laughs”

As the Wexit movement pivots from independence towards joining the U.S., 30% of Canadians east of Saskatchewan say they are in favour of this, given how entertaining they expect it will be.

“6 months into lockdown and I’m basically out of tv shows to watch,” said Toronto resident Saanvi Patel. “But I figure news footage of Albertans realizing they now live in a broken, pandemic riddled country will make for some excellent binge watching.”

“Just think of the looks on their little faces when it dawns on them that they’ve just joined the Roman Empire right as it falls,” she added giggling.

Although all Canadians outside of a die hard few in Alberta and Saskatchewan know that joining the U.S. would be a terrible idea, many are balancing that against their significant interest in having something to point and laugh at.

“Obviously it would be disastrous for Alberta and all of Canada on so many levels and they definitely shouldn’t do it. But you know how funny those videos are of people punching themselves in their own nuts? This would be just like that, but on a geo-political scale.”

The other 70% of Canadians say Alberta shouldn’t join the U.S., but requested the pollster check back in with them after they’ve finished watching Fleabag.

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