White House sexcapades were a thing long before Bill Clinton

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The president was inside a closet just off the Oval Office with a random blond woman when his wife appeared in the hallway just outside.

Suspicious that something was up, the wife demanded entry into his office. The Secret Service agent standing guard, however, refused, telling the missus she’d have to go around to the other door, through the office of the president’s secretary.

Miffed, she raced down the hall.

As soon as she was gone, the Secret Service agent burst into the office and alerted the commander-in-chief that his wife was on the way. The president quickly pulled up his pants, and the agent whisked the girl out the side door to a waiting car.

By the time his wife made it through the other door, she found the president calmly sitting at his desk shuffling papers. She quickly left the way she’d come in and made her way back around to the first door, where she found the Secret Service agent back at his post.

“She stood and glared at me like she couldn’t believe it,” he later said.

The year was 1922, and the president was Warren Harding. But it could have been nearly any of the men who have occupied the highest office in the land.

As a new book details, sexually scandalous behavior and the presidency seem to go together like Bill Clinton and a saxophone.

Sex With Presidents: The Ins and Outs of Love and Lust in the White House” (William Morrow, out Sept. 22) by Eleanor Herman explores the lives of several of America’s chief executives.

“Despite the American reputation for prudery, many of our leaders have had a colorful sexual past,” the author writes. “One beloved president suffered a fatal stroke in his mistress’ presence. Another had a 30-year affair and seven children with his enslaved woman.”

Pull a name from a hat and there’s probably a juicy story about him — even among the presidents we might not exactly consider Caligulas.

Richard Nixon had an affair in the late 1960s with a Hong Kong cocktail hostess. Lyndon Johnson supposedly slept with four of his six secretaries, asking around before he hired a woman whether she would “shuck her drawers.”

“There’s an old saying: Still waters run deep,” Herman told The Post. “Franklin Roosevelt, a thoughtful, gentlemanly soul whose legs were paralyzed, was quite the ladies’ man. In other words, you can never tell.”