Help Filling in Ballots


As many of you know, I’m a Canadian, but I do my part each American election year by going to Indiana to fill in ballots for the Democrats.

So, exciting news! This year I’m doing mail in ballots! And… apparently I’ll be voting in Fort Wayne, instead of Indianapolis, like I usually do. (Well, a suburb anyway: I had to use Google Maps to figure where “New Haven” was)

So, I’ve got my 2,500 ballots and the print out of 2,500 signatures to place on them, and 2,500 separate paid-postage envelopes to return them all in. I’m just wondering if someone might be able to advise me, since I don’t have ballot captain giving me direct instructions.

(1) Should I just fill out Democrat party line for all the different positions? Or should I throw the third parties and republican the occasional bone for positions like “Lietenant Governor” that… no one really cares about anyway? I mean, I can see that only Republicans are running for Allen County Coroner and Allen County Treasurer anyway. (Who votes for their coroner?)

(2) When it comes to “ballot security” I’m thinking I should try to be pretty faithful to mimicking the signatures I’ve been given. But do you think I should use a variety of different pens, or they aren’t going to think to check ink chemistry?

(3) When should I put my ballots in the post? Obviously it’d be suspicious if they arrived too early, but I don’t want them to be too late… should I just get it all done with now, or wait until later in October?

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