Failed GOP candidate: Masks are part of a ‘demonic ritual’ to take away your rights

In a post to her Facebook page this Thursday, failed Republican candidate for Missouri governor, Saundra McDowell, declared that mask mandates are an oppressive tool designed to take away people’s rights — possibly hailing from the demonic realm.

“I’m not afraid to take a stand!! Are you??” she wrote.

“I walked in Walmart tonight without a mask … and I refuse to wear a mask anywhere I go from NOW ON unless I choose to! That’s my right… as it is yours!!”

According to McDowell, it’s not about the masks, it’s about “control and instilling fear in America.”

“Fear is not of the Lord, but of the enemy,” she writes. “Despair is the absence of faith! This is all part of a demonic ritual to get rid of our individual God-given rights.”

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