A Significant Portion Of The American Public Has Gone Absolutely Bugf*ck

This local news report on an insane anti-mask protest in St. George, Utah, from August 21 has gone so viral in the past 24 hours that it is featured on literally all sections of the internet right now. If you somehow have not seen it, please watch it and weep for your country.

It is not an “SNL” sketch. The local news reporter, Katie Karalis, interviews people at the protest and pushes back NOT AT ALL against the batshit claims made by these people, who vote. (Good job, local news reporter! You are WINNER.)

There’s the child who incorrectly says the flu kills more people than the coronavirus. That kid’s parents vote. There is the woman who — really — said, “When George Floyd was saying ‘I can’t breathe,’ and then he died. And now we’re wearing a mask, and we say ‘I can’t breathe,’ but we’re being forced to wear it anyway!” (SPOILER, that lady does not appear to have died of “mask.” She votes, though, we bet.)

There’s the old woman who says:

“I’ll tell ya another reason I hate masks — most child molesters love ’em!”

That is this QAnon crap, and it is bugfuck. That old lady has been convinced that “most” child molesters just love masks, and no we don’t know why these people think imaginary “child molesters” just loooove masks, but she probably votes.

The local journalist doesn’t push back on claims that coronavirus is a “hoax” or that “asymptomatic carriers simply do not exist.”

People on the internet really want to believe this video is some sort of hoax. It does feel like an “SNL” sketch, it is such a parody of itself.


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