Catherine Herridge Drops Leaked DHS Email About Antifa That Blows Up the Dem Narrative

Democrats and some in media have been in complete denial about the involvement of Antifa in the BLM riots.

Media likes to pretend that if a “protest” gets out of hand, it’s just somehow because of the reaction of the police. But indeed as we have seen for the past few months, violence is indeed the point of the riot and it’s planned out. It’s a feature, not a bug. If it weren’t you could have things like riots in Portland for over 100 days, with shields and commercial grade fireworks, green lasers and all kinds of expensive helmets and protective equipment on the rioters.

Not only does it exist as we have seen in literally hundreds of videos at this point, but now Catherine Herridge exploding another myth with new details about its organization.

Herridge shared an internal email from the Department of Homeland Security which she had obtained in which Acting Under Secretary for Intelligence & Analysis Brian Murphy explained that indeed, Antifa was not “opportunistic” but rather “organized.”

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