Trump’s Abdication of Duty

While the sheer number of COVID deaths will be notorious for years to come, it is the deaths per capita which makes Trump’s non-response horrific. 

From Taiwan to Israel to Denmark, countries with a similar socioeconomic status to the United States (again, per capita), many and probably most developed countries have a lower infection rate then the United States.

With regards to Trump’s abysmal non-response, what he should have done is two things.

First, he should have asked congress for a bill with a national mask mandate.

Second, if congress said no, he should have written an executive order requiring masks in many places. 

Conservative constitutionalists will balk at this. This is a conservative legal position. It is not in anyway based in morality and ethics. This is because such a measure would have saved lives. 

Trump’s Abdication of Duty

Even if you disagree with the position that there should be a mask mandate, there is no arguing the data. 

COVID-19 has ravaged the American populace like perhaps no other developed country.  

Trump has stood by and “played it down”. While the body count went up, instead of pushing for a mask mandate, he said of the deaths: “it is what it is”. 

Trump’s performance with regards to the pandemic is so atrocious, across some time periods, America has a higher death rate per capita than some countries that are considered ‘developing’.

Trump’s complete abdication of duty to protect American civilians from this pandemic will be his legacy. 

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