Trump Blames Biden For Not Instituting Mask Mandate; Biden Reminds Trump ‘I’m Not Currently President’

One such example of this relatively novel dynamic for the commander in chief in which he was asked by Julie Bart, a retired chemical engineer, about his role in leading America in wearing masks as a proven method to reduce the spread of Covid-19. “Why don’t you support a mandate for national mask-wearing, and why don’t you wear a mask more often?”

Trump noted that he had worn a mask when in hospitals or other places, but immediately blamed the Democrats for not instituting a mask-mandate. “They said at the Democrat Convention…they’re going to do a national mandate, they never did it,” Trump explained. “Because they’re checked out, they never did it.” He then doubled down by saying Joe Biden never called a national mandate, which seemingly tried to lay blame for lack of leadership on mask-wearing on a candidate for president and not the president himself?

This twisted logic was quickly noted by former Vice President Biden himself, who responded on social media with the retort that he is “not currently president,” before using the curious moment to fund-raise:

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