As Gay Twitter reclaims #ProudBoys hashtag, Proud Boys change name to “Leather Men”

In response to a demonstration by gay twitter users to reclaim the #ProudBoys hashtag, hate group the Proud Boys have distanced themselves from the LGBTQA+ community by renaming their group the “Leather Men”.

In response to President Trump’s seeming-endorsement of the Proud Boys, a group classified by the FBI as “an extremist group with ties to white nationalism”, Gay Twitter took action. The hashtag #ProudBoys was flooded with images of gay male service members, as well as other same sex couples, prompting the actual Proud Boys to change their name.

“We Proud Boys stand up for Western Chauvinism and political violence,” explained Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, “but we can’t allow ourselves to be associated with all this gay content. That’s why we’re changing our group’s name to something manly and tough, with cool matching leather jackets that could never be misconstrued.”

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