Trump hasn’t ‘saved Christianity’ and Christians shouldn’t save his presidency

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President Donald Trump’s campaign is making a closing argument that he has “saved Christianity,” a blasphemous claim that in reality is aimed at getting people of faith to save him.

The truth is, Donald Trump can’t win without the overwhelming support of Christians —support he does not deserve.

No, Trump did not save Christianity

In addition to Trump’s latest tweet, his son, Eric Trump, went so far as to make the insulting claim that his father has “literally saved Christianity.” For Christians, of course, the position of Savior is already filled, and Jesus is one person Trump can’t fire or bully.

The effects of Donald Trump’s vulgarity, incivility, and cruelty have not stayed confined to politics, but have affected our culture, our families and our churches. While the toxicity of our politics won’t be completely excised once Trump has left the White House, we can’t even hope for healthier politics while he’s still president.


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