Watch Donald Trump shake it to the Village People’s Y.M.C.A. at Florida campaign rally

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President Donald Trump energetically returned to the campaign trail on Monday after having been hospitalized for coronavirus.

“President Trump returned to the campaign trail Monday, holding his first rally since being hospitalized earlier this month, as part of an intense effort to demonstrate that his bout with covid-19 is behind him and that he is the more vigorous of the two septuagenarian candidates vying for the presidency,” The Washington Post reported Monday. “Though Trump has declared himself now immune’ to the virus — which has killed more than 214,000 Americans and infiltrated the White House — he and his team have not clarified for the public the last time he tested negative before his covid-19 diagnosis was announced Oct. 2. This has raised questions about whom Trump may have infected before isolating himself at the White House and then at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.”

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