Russia’s Foreign Evangelists Scourge!

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Russia’s Foreign Evangelists Scourge!

In Russia, Christian evangelists subjected to monetary fines, and the Christian world is outraged at the financial penalty imposed. Those evangelists who are not soviet citizens find themselves deported and sent back from whence they came for breaking the law.  

I, for one, am not sorry! However, before the rightwing conservative commentators start haranguing me for being anti-Christian let me proceed and tell why the Russians are doing this.

Christians are claiming Russia is using anti-missionary laws. Maybe! But, not forgetting Putin himself is a devout, Christian. Myself, I think that these conservative evangelical Christians are probably anti-Humanitarians, who are putting their religion before the welfare of the Russian people, whom by the way are also devout Christians in most cases. As, you will find a church or a place of worship in most villages, towns and cities.  

The report goes on: 

Russia passed a 2015 law that said all religious meeting places needed to be registered.[That is not a bad thing!] That regulation was followed in 2016 with an anti-missionary law. The bill was labeled as anti-terrorism legislation, meant to prevent foreign extremist from exerting influence in the country. [religious missionary zealot are very persuasive and the Russians are quite right to deport non-Russians.] At the time, religious liberty experts said it was hard to predict how the law would be applied and what activity would be prohibited.

“It is broad and vaguely defined,” wrote Travis Wussow, of the Southern Baptist’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, in 2016. “Of course, limiting expression and freedom in a vague way is a tried-and-true tool of regimes to stifle speech beyond the language of the law by creating fear of punishment.” [That is what laws are about being vague to understand!] [ ] Bkts and emphases are mine!

So, why were these Christian evangelists being fined—for breaking Russian new Covid-19 Pandemic laws. Probably the same rules we have in the West. Keep your distance, and do not socialize with non-family members and maintain the regional lockdowns.

You will find that these Christians are using crybaby tactics to claim Government anti-Christian Laws when it is them that are breaking the Pandemic legislation. (See file photo.)

A New Russian Law Targets Evangelicals and Other ‘Foreign’ Religions

According to Newsweek speaking for Christians, Donald Ossewaarde, a Baptist preacher from the United States…In July, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new law that cracks down on missionary work and evangelism. Among other things, it mandates that people share their religious beliefs only at state-registered places of worship.[Correct, most countries in the west ban cultist movement, to the Russian Eastern Orthodox Church with has 125,000,000 adherents, sees foreign evangelists as unwanted western cults.]

Does the Russian Church have any say in the foreign evangelists in Russia? Yes! Evangelicals believe they have the right to go anywhere they want to spread their unhistoric beliefs. The protest when they are not welcome! 

We here in Tywyn (population 2,380), a seaside village/town in North Wales refused planning permission to the Jehovahs Witnesses to build their Church. Permission rejected on the grounds of their evangelizing. Their cultist belief to attempt to remain separate from the rest of the world. (More on that at a later date!) Not only that, we have five places of worship in less than a half-mile (0.4 miles to be exact), which can cater for both Protestants and Catholics, which is more than enough for such a small community. 

What do you say on any part or all of this Post?

Keep safe!



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