Donald Trump just revealed *a lot* more than he meant to about his tax returns

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Watch Trump’s history of refusing to release his tax returns

(CNN)President Donald Trump is the only modern American president to never release any of his tax returns — either while running for office or during his time in office. He’s offered a series of explanations for why that is, including that he is under audit by the Internal Revenue Service and that his taxes are too complicated for anyone to understand.

The questions surrounding Trump’s tax returns have only grown more urgent in the wake of a series of New York Times articles based on copies of Trump’s returns they were able to obtain, that suggest, among many other things, that Trump has paid little to no federal taxes in the last two decades and that he is personally responsible for more than $400 million in loans that come due over the next four years.

Which brings me to Thursday’s town hall with Trump — in which moderator Savannah Guthrie asked the President about his loans and his tax returns. I’m posting the full exchange — warning: it’s very long — between the two because, well, you have to see it to believe it. Here we go:


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