Donald Trump, Joe Biden to be muted in final U.S. election debate during their opponent’s initial responses

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. President Donald Trump will have their microphones muted during portions of the second and final presidential debate on Thursday night, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced on Monday in a decision that will likely anger Trump.

The decision came after the commission met Monday afternoon to discuss potential rule changes to the debate format. They decided that the changes were needed because of how the first debate between Biden and Trump devolved into chaos, with the President frequently interrupting the former vice president.

The change is sure to anger the Trump and his campaign, who have signalled that any changes to the procedures will be unacceptable to them, which the commission acknowledged in its statement.
“We realize, after discussions with both campaigns, that neither campaign may be totally satisfied with the measures announced today,” the statement read. “One may think they go too far, and one may think they do not go far enough. We are comfortable that these actions strike the right balance and that they are in the interest of the American people, for whom these debates are held.”

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