Boneless Pizza

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When you order pizza, do you ask for boneless pizza?

Imagine a world where most people believe that there are invisible and immaterial bones inside pizza. People who believe there are invisible bones in pizzas love to discuss what type of bones that are in pizza. They argue bones in pizza are necessary for pizza to have the same taste and structure.

Imagine that you believe pizzas were boneless. In fact, because most people beleived so strongly that pizza had invisible bones, you had to ask for boneless pizza when ordering a pizza. Or you identify as a boneless pizza fan.

This analogy is obviously related to the idea of atheism. Most people don’t identify themselves based on what they are not. But because belief in a an invisible and immaterial deity is so widely held, many people identify themselves as atheists. 

What are some things people who believe pizza has bones, like to claim about people who are boneless pizza fans? For example, some may claim that people who order boneless pizza have no real taste (morals), because without understanding the flavor of bones in pizza, you can’t enjoy food.


God Hates Faith

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