James Randi, magician and stage artist devoted to debunking the paranormal, dies at 92

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James Randi, the internationally acclaimed magician and escape artist, both praised and cursed for devoting much of his career to debunking all things paranormal — from spoon bending and water dowsing to spirit channeling and faith healing — died Oct. 20. He was 92.

His educational foundation announced the death but did not provide additional details. In recent years, he had been treated for cancer and heart ailments.


Article URL : https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/james-randi-magician-and-stage-artist-devoted-to-debunking-the-paranormal-dies-at-92/2020/10/21/b6e1da3e-13ee-11eb-bc10-40b25382f1be_story.html

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