One nation under God? What about the rest of the world?

The recent OP about thanking God for Trump running for president got me thinking. For example about Poe’s law, but that’s for another OP. No, I was thinking about how the Christian God appears to have an extra special interest in US politics, and not so much in what the other 96% of the world is doing. Less than 10% of the world’s Christians live in the US, so that cannot really be the determining factor either. And, shouldn’t God worry more about the godless heathens of the world than about a country where His name already appears on money, in the national motto, and in a common ritual of forced patriotism? Shouldn’t God be more concerned about the largely godless EU or about the machinations of the Chinese Communist Party’s Standing Committee than about which Christian becomes US president or which Christians fill the US congress this time?


  • Does the Christian God see the US as His pet project and is He therefore playing a more active role in US politics than He is in other countries?
  • Looking at the state of federal politics in the US, should the rest of the world’s democracies be thankful that the Christian God largely ignores them (and vice versa)?
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