BN&R ~ 2020 Presidential Debate LIVE – Trump vs. Biden, Round 2, 9PM EST/6PM PST

Courtesy Of Yours Truly ~ Darth Mark JM the Wrath of BNR

Live viewing tonight. Tell your friends, the jerk who stole your sandwich at work, or the cute girl you saw at the cafe. The debate starts 9PM EST / 6PM PST but will likely start earlier for some pre-game smack talk and to size oup the fighters.

So bring your own poison, popcorn, tacos, or whatever makes you twitch your way to the toilet. Place your bets and start the trash talk!

The Mod Staff will be on either in person or incognito embracing their inner-internet-troll.

Have Fun bitching at whomever you like (or bitch at them both if that also makes you feel better too).

Play The Debate Bingo Here or HERE

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