Trump’s Campaign Finance Woes

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“You’ve always been one of his strongest defenders, which is why we were surprised to see you didn’t step up to help us reach our End-of-Quarter Goal,” reads one email. “It’s going to take EVERY Patriot stepping up if we want to CRUSH Sleepy Joe and Phony Kamala’s dreams of turning America into a BIG GOVERNMENT SOCIALIST Nation. The stakes are too high to sit on the sidelines right now.”

“With the Election only 25 days away, the LIES from the Democrats and their Fake News friends are at a level we’ve never seen before,” another says, switching between all-caps, bold, underlined, and italic fonts. “They’re NEVER going to stop, which is why my father is counting on YOUR support.” The email promises a “LIMITED-TIME … 800%-MATCH.” But it’s only for “a few TOP supporters, like YOU, Friend. Do not share this.”

“My father invited you to become an Official 2020 Trump Diamond Member – are you going to accept?” asks a third. “My father will be reviewing the membership list soon and I know he’ll be looking for your name. Make sure he sees it by joining NOW.”

If you haven’t already guessed, these Trump campaign fundraising emails are coming—at least in name—from the president’s adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric. The duo have combined to send supporters at least 35 different appeals this month alone. And nearly all of them involve hitting up Trump fans for campaign cash. “What you decide to do today will have an impact on our country for years to come,” Don Jr. wrote earlier this week. “Please contribute ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to become a Presidential Debate Member and have your name broadcast LIVE during the FINAL Presidential Debate.”

But the president’s sons haven’t demonstrated the same sense of urgency with their own pocketbooks. Based on publicly available Federal Election Commission (FEC) data as of September 30, Eric had not contributed to his father’s 2020 campaign. Don Jr. gave $5,000 to America First Action—an aligned super PAC—in October 2017, but has not donated any money to the re-election campaign itself. In-kind contributions to political campaigns are also required to be disclosed to the FEC, and nothing shows up for either Trump.

This thriftiness comes in sharp contrast with the 2012 cycle, when Eric and Don Jr. gave $75,000 and $72,500 to the Romney Victory PAC, respectively. In 2007 and 2008, they donated thousands of dollars to the Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, and John McCain presidential campaigns.

Presented with this information yesterday afternoon, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign declined to comment.

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