If God placed Trump in office, God put Biden there, too. And Obama before him.

According to this writer (and many who read the English translations of scriptures literally) God gives us our Earthly rulers.

Whoever’s in charge here on Earth was placed in that position by the Lord for his own ends, St. Paul said. Sometimes those ends seem mysterious to us, but then we’re not God. We can’t see everything he sees. He knows what he’s doing; we mainly don’t.

In Paul’s estimation, that principle—“the powers that be are ordained by God”—even applied to pagan governors and caesars who sometimes persecuted the fledgling church (see Romans 13:1). It included Pharaoh, who enslaved God’s own children in Egypt (Romans 9:17, if you’re still following along at home).

Paul Prather HERALD-LEADER https://www.kentucky.com/opinion/op-ed/article247129049.html

The contention is that, good or bad, God has a purpose. Raising somebody up who is vile and contemptible like Pharaoh or Trump may very well serve the purpose of showing who’s boss when they get smacked back down again.

What do you think? Does God choose the President? If so, did you pray for Obama AND Trump, and will you pray for Biden too?

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