Trump Tried to be Goebbels

There is a predisposition among some people to accuse the other side of being Hitler. 

I’m not here to do that. I’m here to make an argument that Trump was actually more similar to Goebbels. 

Goebells had a now well-known principal of:

“Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.”

A simple but powerful notion. I will demonstrate Trump’s penchant for this tactic through three examples, though I’m quite sure more than three exist. 

Trump first demonstrated his aptitude for this accusing the other side of that which he was guilty after the 2016 election, when he began referring to all news he didn’t like as “fake news”.

Fake news as a term was first used to describe lies made by Russia’s foreign propaganda arm, NewsRT, regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and flight MH17’s destruction.

Consider this list of ten contradictory explanations by Russian media regarding MH17’s fate. 

Regarding Russian press coverage of MH17, Foreign Policy magazine wrote, “The downing of a passenger flight over Ukraine triggered an extraordinary campaign of lying, dissembling, and distortion that hasn’t stopped since.”

A former Russian troll tasked with spreading fake news has described working in Russia’s propaganda department as similar to being in “Orwell’s world”.

Trump appropriated the term “fake news”, and applied it to real news (mostly dealing with Russian interference in the election). He accused the other side of which he was guilty. 

Then we get to the second example, Trump’s child separation policy. What is true is that Obama built detention facilities and put people in them. What is not true is that Obama had a policy of family separation, which required children be separated from their families. Trump accused the other side of that which he was guilty of. 

And then we get to the 2020 election. Trump is accusing battleground states of cheating and rigging the election, when it is in fact Trump who is trying to usurp an election that was conducted with integrity.

I’m sure this community came name other examples. Let’s hear them below. 

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